I don’t write code, I just break things

As an early adopter of technology, I provide a trusted level and validate change for those looking to embrace change. Committed to the fact that technology should work for us and not the other way around, which often isn’t the case.

Whenever confronted with technology this is the approach to use, getting what is wanted and needed embracing technology quickly, easily and with confidence it worked with a viable, sustainable business model. Being versed in many different kinds of technology, computers, operating systems, applications, and the Internet,  my passion lands squarely in and with Personal Clouds and the many exciting offers Personal Clouds services of today and tomorrow.

Having used different systems and technologies, from Mainframe Computers to Personal Computers, LANs/Mans/Wans since the early 80’s Apple’s products are my choice since 1986 having never given up on Apple’s products and the customer relationship they provide, as so many had done by the late 90’s. As many of us have experienced and as the saying goes “once you go MAC you never go back”.

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